Web development

High load websites, e-commerce, specialized backends, automated web content analysis, web analytics.

CRM development

Solutions that will help you manage your relationships with current and prospective customers and improve your team activities tracking.

System programming

High-performance servers, drivers, embedded and nonstandard devices programming. For Unix, Linux и Windows.

Business automation

Any solutions to improve control and efficiency of your business. Financial and production systems. Orders and other documents management software.

More than 40 successful projects!
7 projects with a 10 years history!

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Mobile development

Apps for phones, tablets, scanners, data collection terminals and other devices running Android OS. High speed apps using Android NDK

Legacy systems support

Support for hardware and software systems that are no longer supported by the vendor.


User support

You wont stay alone with newly developed systems!

Business process modeling

Software for business and technological process modelling.

Serenity for your business

Ex parvis saepe magnarum rerum momenta pendent

Servers for your projects

Operating system installation (Linux\Unix).
Protection and optimization for your tasks.
Setting up of web, ftp, mail, dns, database servers, VoIP, VPN etc.
Backup and monitoring

Order sever

Server, network and workstation administering

Software installation and maintenance Performance monitoring and tuning Backup solutions and data recovery
Network design and management
DDOS Mitigation & Load balancing

Order service

Security for you business

Praemonitus, praemunitus.

Information security consulting services

Any necessary expertise to determine what is required to protect your IT assets against cyberthreats and intrusions.

Comply with Regulations

Measuring of software level of complains with regulatory mandates.

Code audit

Comprehensive analysis of code quality, licenses and copyrights, backdoors, security vulnerabilities or violations of programming conventions.

Penetration testing

Comprehensive test of technical security controls, examining network and application layers, commercial and internally-developed applications, device configurations and wireless access implementations.


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Web development, system programming, CRM development, business automation, information security, consulting, Perl, C\C++.

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